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Hnin Thiri Aung

Hello, my name is Hnin Thiri Aung and I have got an English name called Snowy. Well, firstly, want to tell about my best English course called Unique English Language Centre (UELC). I have been attending here since 2023. When I started joining, I attended grammar class for summer and I really improve my skills which can be really appreciate to my teacher Tr Aye Chan Moe(Tr Emma). Her tolerance and talent in teaching are really impressive. Now, I am in FCE class and I have got lots of experience in doing reading and writing , listening and speaking. Moreover, I have delighted time with my friends there too especially when we went on excursions to National Museum. Finally, I want to mention that UELC is the perfect place to practise English and make friends and be tolerant.

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I'm Arina who has been studying English at U.E.L.C for 3 years and I've attended grammar class,ket, pet and now I'm in FCE. After these years,I feel like l have more confident in English than before and also tr.Emma is really patient and friendly.

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Last summer, I took a course in K.E.T preparation at U.E.L.C for three months, tutored by Tr. Emma who is very tolerant and caring to her students. After the course, I took the K.E.T examination in May, and passed with distinctions and full marks.

Firstly, I'd like to say "thank you" to U.E.L.C and Tr. Emma. Half of my results depends on Tr.Emma's teaching and instructions. Tr.Emma really knows how to teach in a fun and interesting way that her lessons are always effective. She also has the ability of explaining lessons quite clearly. Moreover, She always put so much effort into teaching her students and making sure that every individual student understands well. I'm so grateful that I met such a brilliant teacher like her.

Well, I'm really gratified with my results, beacuse I tried intensively for this everyday doing loads of practice tests within three months. Also, I did revisions for several times as I wanted the perfect result.

Thank you again, Tr. Emma,for training and encouraging me. I could've not done it without your help.

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Hnin Nilar Aung

The word 'unique' means one is in its own perfection where nobody else can come and compare to. And it is really rare for a person to realise one unique thing in their life, such as- a person, a career choice, etc. As for me, I had that problem for the first fourteen years of my life.

To begin with, my mom struggled every summer in order to find a course that could improve my English skills. I attended several different classes those summers and could not believe that I left every one of them just in a week, at minimum, or two, at maximum. No sooner than my brother attended an English course according to his friend's suggestion, I found out that my English was way too bad in comparison to his. So one day, I followed him with my aunt and saw two of my school friends doing certain projects and I felt like joining them. I spent a few weeks considering if I should join them and finally, my decision took place and I went for it straight away! It lately turned out to be working and had improved my speaking skill in just a few weeks; I gained confidence, as well as an imperfect accent. However, that school that changed everything with my second language was as unique as its name, Unique English Language Centre or U.E.L.C in short, which was first found in 2018!

When I first started joining U.E.L.C in 2019, I applied for the grammar class, which my friends were attending every weekend. And some other teachers informed me that on Sundays, the headteacher came regularly so I must wear a uniform every sunday. And what was funny here is that I did not know that the friendly teacher who let me take the entrance exam was the headmistress and was anxious to meet her on my first Sunday! Not until she introduced herself to me after a few weeks, i didn't know her name was Ms. Emma, who has now broken a record in my heart and won the Favourite Teacher of All Time badge!

Then, the pandemic broke out at the start of 2020 and my course stopped. But after a few months, they contacted me and I took the KET class instead, which was the initial of my enthusiasm in the language. I first had lots of problems dealing with reading and listening, as well as speaking, especially because the class was online and I was not familiar with electrical and technological devices. Soon, I continued to have lessons and was ready for the official exam, but it was the pandemic again to stop everything.

Nevertheless, I moved on to another level and now, I am already in FCE with a unique but still imperfect British accent and trying to develop more. It has already been 2 years and the linguistic developments that occurred in me was worth it. You feel motivated, hyped and what's more, U.E.L.C makes sure that your dreams will come true.

I strongly believe that if I never meet U.E.L.C, I would still be speaking English like a broken-down rail engine. But now, everything changed and U.E.L.C was the cause of my dreams, my hardwork and my hope for my future.

We also have a U.E.L.C song, with my favourite lyrics;
"If we study regularly
With great more interest
One day surely we'll make progress
Certainly we'll achieve success".

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